Our History

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Preproductions has been creating quality web sites and other publications for over 10 years.

The original Apple Mac in 1984
Apple Macintosh Computer
Founded in 1984 by Paul Egan when he was at Glasgow University, Preproductions had modest beginnings providing printed material for student organisations. At that time, the university was using groundbreaking Apple Macintosh computers which are often heralded for revolutionising the ‘Desktop Publishing’ industry. Using this experience enabled Preproductions to produce high quality printed brochures and leaflets at a fraction of the normal cost.

At the dawn of the Internet, Preproductions moved into web design. Because we were already using the latest technology for publishing, the transition was a natural one.

Preproductions' survival from the recent fallout in the '' industry provides further evidence that our strategic approach and extensive experience is a winning combination.